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The beautiful Autumn leaves are falling and we captured the amazing smell of Autumn in this candle.

  • Top notes - Lemon, Apple, and Autumn Mums

  • Mid notes - Cinnamon, Anise, and Ginger

  • Base notes - Vanilla, Mahogany Woods, and Musk

Nana’s Pumpkin Cake.png

Harvest season is here and Nana's is in the kitchen baking away...  fill your home with the smell of fresh-baked pumpkin cake.


  • Top  notes - Coconut, Orange Juice, and Churned Butter

  • Mid notes - Pumpkin, Star Anise, Cinnamon, and Cloves

  • Base notes - Vanilla and Baked Crust

Cali Irish Creations Scented Candles are made from 100% Virgin Coconut Soy wax blend. They are available in 3 sizes to suitably fit small, medium, or large rooms and fill them with hours of fragrant pleasure.  Our candles and wax melts are hand-poured with "love" in small batches in Sacramento, CA.

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