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Hello and welcome to Cali Irish Creations.

My name is Theresa, hard working, single mother of 2 from East Bay, CA.

I'm a small-based business in Sacramento, CA.  

I hand pour 100% Coconut-Soy wax blend scented candles made to fill your home with many, many hours of fragrant pleasure.  

Why candles?

I grew up with candles burning in the house. As I became an adult I had a love for candles. I was gifted a candle kit and completely fell in love with the process of candle making. It gave me a sense of relaxation, house full of beautiful fragrance aromas, it helps relieve a stressful day and take away all the worries that are going on around me at the moment. The best part is my kids involvement in making the candles with me. 


Why Cali Irish Creations?

It represents who I am and where I'm from. Born and raised in California and I am 100% Irish. 

  • 100% all natural Virgin Coconut-Soy blend wax​

  • Long lasting burn time

  • Strong hot and cold throw

  • The fragrance oils used in our candles are 100% phthalate free

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